Breast Health Services

Advanced Medical Imaging Women’s Center is designed to meet unique healthcare needs in one convenient community-based location. Our goal is to provide outstanding medical imaging services, emotional support and efficient care for women undergoing medical procedures.

The Women’s Imaging Center is the only center in the state of Montana to offer  2D (two dimensional) digital mammography combined with 3D (three dimensional) tomosynthesis.  Patients can rest assured all breast images, from mammograms to breast MRI and ultrasound, are acquired on digital mediums. 

Why is being “all-digital” important? Because recent studies show that digital mammography detects up to 28 percent more cancers than film mammography in women ages 50 and younger, in pre- and peri-menopausal women, and in women with dense breast tissue. Most importantly, a 28 percent increase in accuracy means earlier detection—and a better chance at a cure.

Why is "3-dimensional/Tomosynthesis" important?  Breast tomosynthesis allows doctors to examine breast tissue one layer at a time.  This exciting new technology has been recently FDA approved and is now available at Advanced Medical Imaging.  Breast tomosynthesis may be used in conjunction with traditional digital mammography.  Very low X-ray energy is used so your radiation exposure is safely below the American College of Radiology (ACR) and FDA guidelines.  Using breast tomosynthesis and digital mammography together for screening has been proven to reduce "call-backs".  Now the Radiologist can see breast tissue detail in a way never before possible. 

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Minimize 3D Tomosynthesis

Breast tomosynthesis is a new technology in the fight against breast cancer.  During the tomosynthesis part of the exam, the x-ray arm sweeps in a slight arc over the breast, taking multiple images in just seconds.  Both a 2D image and 3D image will occur while in compression for each of the standard mammogram views.  No additional compression is needed to acquire the 3D images.  The whole procedure time should be approximately the same as that of a 2D digital mammogram.  Tomosynthesis will allow the Radiologist to see breast detail in a way never before possible.  Fine details are more clearly visible, no longer hidden by the tissue above and below because the doctor is now able to examine the tissue one millimeter at a time.  

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