Referring Providers

Making everything clear for physicians

The physicians who refer patients to Advanced Medical Imaging are every bit as much our customers—if not more so—as the patients themselves. So, we do all we can to make working with us as convenient and comfortable for you as it is for them.

First of all, you can take comfort in knowing that Advanced Medical Imaging pulls out all the stops when it comes to taking care of your patients. Our warm, open, non-threatening environment is relaxing from the moment they arrive. Our knowledgeable staff goes out of the way to explain everything—to answer questions, address concerns, anticipate and alleviate anxious moments, and whatever else it takes to provide care and comfort at a surprising level. All sensitive procedures involving women, such as mammograms, are provided by female technicians.

All our technicians are highly trained and certified to assure capability that exceeds the expected level of competence. Our equipment and facilities are second to none in our area, and represent some of the most advanced technologies in diagnostic imaging. You’re always assured of precise, accurate, clear images to help you arrive at the correct diagnosis. Consultation with an experienced Radiologist is readily available at your discretion.

For your convenience, Advanced Medical Imaging offers technologically advanced digital imaging capabilities, including a Picture Archiving and Communication System.

With PACS, digital images are securely and safely archived, but still available online at your beck and call—anytime, day or night. View high resolution images via computer wherever and whenever it’s convenient for you, whether at your office, at home, or at any location Internet access is available.
Sophisticated technology. Skilled staff. Convenience. Patient care beyond the norm—no matter how you look at it, Advanced Medical Imaging is the clear choice. Look further on the secure areas of this web site for more information especially for Physicians.